Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

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You must be living under a proverbial rock if you have never heard of Bitcoin. What is this new asset class and why should you pay attention? We are entering a critical time in the evolution of money. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. In this course, we will start from the very beginning of money (bartering) to explaining why fiat currencies do not serve the world we live in now on the internet.

One of the simplest quotes I believe with everything that I am.

Raoul Pal - CEO & Co-Founder, Real Vision Group & Global Macro Investor

Course contents include:

  1. What is Money?

  2. Are Cryptocurrencies Really Money?

  3. Bitcoin 101

  4. Altcoins 102

  5. The Blockchain

  6. Exchanges, Wallets & Keys

  7. DEXs, Smart Contracts & DApps

  8. DeFi

  9. The Metaverse, Gaming and NFT's

  10. Community is Everything

  11. Specific Coin Analysis

  12. Building a Crypto Portfolio for the Future

  13. Glossary of Terms

I have been successfully investing in cryptocurrencies since 2018. This is an exciting space, but very confusing for beginners. The language alone is enough to scare anyone. I navigated this world for three years with only the help of the internet and made many wrong turns.


In this e-book I simplify this world for beginners. This e-book is not for seasoned traders. You will not get trading strategies in here. I have kept my audience top of mind on every single page.


There is no exact recipe or formula to research cryptocurrencies, but throughout this e-book we keep asking the following questions:


  1. What problem does the coin/token solve?

  2. Where does the coin/token fit into the puzzle that is cryptocurrencies?

  3. Does this coin have the potential to change the world?

  4. How strong is the community behind the coin/token?

  5. How solid is the DevTeam behind the coin/token?


Never forget...We are early to this Revolution. Let us coma-proof our portfolios. They must be so healthy that even if we go into a coma for 10 years, we will be ecstatic with the coins we chose when we wake up.


Welcome to the future!!!

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Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

13 ratings
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